• Kristopher Kesoglides

Fight Clvb Drops Spirit Bomb

After a long and dark subliminal campaign for their brand new project, singer Carly M. Burns, DJ/producer SAV and hypeman Mystereo revealed themselves as FIGHT CLVB to anticipating fans. Not long after, their first EP, Spirit Bomb, was officially released on October 22nd. Each member has been in the music scene for quite some time, and this EP is a clash course of past experiences and experimentation, topped with an exciting new direction.

Spirit Bomb comes as a strong follow-up to their track “Shout that”, in collaboration with Aire Atlantica and released by the Wall Recordings. “Shout that” stirred quite a buzz around the electro house scene and deservedly rose up the beatport charts. But with Spirit Bomb, FIGHT CLVB managed to construct an EP enveloped in dark undertones, heavy drops and beautiful vocals - an impressive collaboration of timely songwriting and production, with a hint of mischief.

The first song off the EP titled Blood is Beautiful dives into soft vocals over swirling synths. Layered electric piano and bouncy percussion follow shortly after as FIGHT CLVB wastes no time revealing its versatility in sound production. A small taste of orchestral strings illuminates the break before a chopped vocal build up. The song drops heavily and is accentuated by a repeating chorus, ending with a mischievous laugh. Carly’s voice really shines in the assonance that is present in the second verse as she sings, “your love consumes me, uses me, ruins me.” Love and tragedy go hand in hand in this electro ballad.

A touch of desperation sparks vulnerability, as heard through Carly’s tone in Illumaniti. The speaker suffers from ambiguity, making her susceptible to manipulation to the point at which she has “no control.” She iterates “illumaniti” throughout the song, which offers a solution to her uncertainty. The track is both eerie and edgy, and incorporates the heavy breakdown elements of dubstep, constantly switching off from four-on-the-floor. The outro adds strange vocal samples, which maintain the mysteriousness of the song.

The title track refreshingly trails away from the typical feel-good big room sing along. Instead, it plays a minor key, sustaining dark vibes and emotion. The melodic drop fits well as it completes a daunting rager. 808 snares throughout the song build complexity and angst. The song is a perfect representation of what to expect from the EP. The remix done by Aire Atlantica puts a bit of a tribal spin on the intro. He allows the vocals to breathe before a violent drop reminding the audience to have “no regrets.” FIGHT CLVB choosing this remix for their last track represents a side of utter mayhem and makes quite a statement for the group.

Keep an eye on this up and coming trio. Their energy is electrifying and the commitment to their fans and music is inspiring. Become a FIGHT CLVB member, and catch one of their shows on the Spirit Bomb tour, which includes dates in New York, Florida, Texas and Guatemala.

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