• Kristopher Kesoglides

Artist on the Rise: Alessandra Licul

In the midst of Baruch College's suits and ties, it is sometimes difficult to track down someone so passionate and committed to the arts. But if you look hard enough, you will definitely uncover something unexpected. Alessandra Licul, a student at Baruch College, currently studying Management of Musical Enterprises and member of on-campus organization, New York Music Industry Association, is not only an advocate for creativity around Baruch, but she is also a talented individual herself.

Alessandra recently released her second demo, titled “Body Language” on February 2nd. The album is compiled with powerful soulful vocals, soft piano melodies and a catalog of dark undertones that tackle love, loneliness, deceit and fear.

The first track on the demo, Pumping Blood, begins with a soft chord progression as the speaker begins to list a number of inanimate objects that she loves, before taking a left turn to admit she is not “in love with you.” The build up of compassion for these objects leads the listeners to believe it will be just another love song. Instead, the aforementioned lyrics set the tone for the rest of the track. For her counterpart, it is an unhealthy love as she asks him to “be patient” and to not “lose your mind” while he inevitably continues to pump desperate blood.

The second song, Upside Down, features a second vocalist, Aiden Berglund, and tackles the concepts of deceit and distorted perception. In the speaker’s eyes, her particular perception is upside down, making it unable for her to fully grasp the character’s full intentions and ultimately his personality. Pairing these two vocalists makes for beautiful harmonies, especially on top of an arpeggiated piano.

The title track incorporates a jazzy piano riff and soft drums, played with brushes. These elements call for a light-hearted tone, and it is reiterated when a trombone parallels a small vocal melody in the chorus. In the third verse, Alessandra’s lyrical ability shines as she writes. “Perhaps it was just the way we wired, to burn with desire then die like a fire.” The element of fire is a motif throughout the demo, and this line explains that love does only compare to the passionate attributes of it, but the way it can perish so suddenly.

Hour Glass tackles fear and comfort concurrently. It is a more than satisfying ending to a demo, as it repeats a strong chorus to close out a short song, but does not feel rushed.

Aside from a new demo, Alessandra has been performing in venues across New York City, including Tammany Hall, Tobacco Road, Fat Baby, Café Vivaldi, and Baruch College’s own performing arts center. You can check her out on Facebook, Bandcamp and catch her live performances around campus.

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