• Kristopher Kesoglides

CMJ Takes Over The Delancey

Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss, a four piece bubble grunge band from Connecticut, stole Pancakes and Whiskey’s CMJ showcase in the dingy Delancey basement on Wednesday afternoon. A combination of teen angst and wistful passion satisfies the band’s lyrical storyboard; One which is written up by the group’s dynamic singer/songwriter duo. Eva, with a fun and flirtatiously bouncy charisma complements her guitarist counterpart Spencer, who encompasses a reincarnated Rivers Cuomo. With a live show sure to make you head bang and foolishly jump around off rhythm, the band’s energy is unmatched. Vocal harmonies and high pitched screams add to a live fast, die young experience. A comical dialogue with mentions of expensive Uber rides and the importance of button merchandising proves the group’s ability to run a seamless show while transiting from one song to the next. Their latest EP, Soft Serve, is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Make sure to catch a show from the the awfully relatable Charly Bliss, a band that was cleverly named after somebody’s ex boyfriend’s best friend.

Rocket & The Ghost

Normally a five piece band, Rocket & the Ghost strutted their stuff as a duo for the Delancey’s CMJ acoustic showcase. Only their second time pulling off a low key performance, the band definitely revealed their adaptability. Setting the scene with mid-tempo country-esque lover ballads, frontman Kiyoshi’s soft vocals carried nicely throughout the dimly lit bar. Partner in crime and lead guitar virtuoso

Sean, manipulated his ghostly white axe to take on multiple rolls. Tripling as a guitar, banjo and piano, the riffs provided complemented the mood of each song. Rocket & the Ghost started as a bunch of friends that jammed along to Kiyoshi’s songs and unanimously decided to become official after a week long life-changing musical session in an isolated barn. Their chemistry really shines through their self-titled EP and lead single “Goodbye.” With a fun-funk, no worries sonically delightful record, the band is one to look forward to hearing on your playlist.

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