• Kristopher Kesoglides

The Killers - Mr Brightside (Two Friends Remix)

No stranger to remixing modern pop-rock anthems, the duo out of Los Angeles, Two Friends, pays homage to a song that catapulted indie band The Killers to fame. Though, when they remixed Blink 182's, "I Miss You" last year, the group honed in on a progressive, light-hearted style. This time around, Two Friends tapped into their future bass spirits, and provided us with somewhat of a bittersweet, aquatic interpretation. Like something you would hear off of a sonar, the drop's lead melody swims over a jazzy half-time drum pattern. Two Friends allows Brandon Flowers' lullaby to lead the track, and while they seem to have developed a keen sense of melody for the song, it oddly resembles the pattern used in another Killers single, "Smile Like You Mean It." The duo may have unintentionally created a mere mash up. But whether or not this was done purposefully, it proves very effective, and allows a familiar sing-along to spread its versatile wings.

Listen Here:


And listen to the resembling melody:


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