• Kristopher Kesoglides

Green Day Pushes Punk Agenda

It seems that punk-rock supergroup, Green Day, always has a fitting and much needed agenda when America is in political turmoil. Staying true to their rebellious ways, the trio released an album, with a title that could have maybe used a bit of abstraction, Revolution Radio. But while it harbors a political agenda, Green Day also speaks directly to the saturated pop music world.

The title track's release was paired with a powerfully vibrant lyric video. This multimedia art project forced fans and foes alike to listen to the punk preach to the choir. Lead by director and animator Antoni Sendra, the video touches on historic propaganda and modern romance. The narrative presents a pair of sonic soldiers attempting to disrupt the airwaves and make themselves heard. Newspaper clippings, vandalized portraits and tattooed phrases call to "legalize the truth" and awaken a brainwashed society. "We will be seen but not be heard" sings of a culture that places emphasis on the superficial; One that is suffocated by materialism; Fabricated by the "anti-social media."

With the "dawn of the new airwaves," Green Day hopes to help the rock genre, specifically pop-punk, emerge from hibernation. With bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 having released comeback albums in 2016, there might be hope just yet.

Check out the lyric video to Revolution Radio:


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