• Kristopher Kesoglides

StéLouse Catches Fire

Having built a fan base around his edits and remixes, Ross Ryan, stage name StéLouse, has begun to paint a formative portrait for his budding music career. To head this development, Ryan released a pair of singles alongside a fresh branding initiative, all within a month's time. In recognition of the clout he now carries, it seems the young producer out of Denver, Colorado is preparing for the next step on his humbling journey. And while he was beginning to familiarize a StéLouse signature, Ryan flipped his musical script.

On October 17th, StéLouse released "Let Go" with Casablanca/ Republic records, a label known for housing some of dance music's biggest names. With help from Andrew Paley's vocals, the song touches on a particular type of loss. Quite possibly, a bittersweet acceptance of fate. It is crafted with a celestial progression, and built by a rhythm section of loud tribal drums and methodic snare rolls. Before you can bask in Paley's short-lived verse, a third party tells you "it's over." The drop suggests a sense of closure, but the chimes seem to reside in nostalgia.

While his flame was still brightly lit, StéLouse released another single. "Been So Long" was quaintly delivered on November 11th. Prior to the date, Ryan revealed the album art, which further established the direction of his brand. The aesthetic provides an edgy black and white overlay, fused with a photo of himself. To highlight the most memorable part of his moniker, an accented lowercase é sits isolated.

As for the music, StéLouse collaborated with fellow up and comer Nick Leng. Perhaps to focus on the composition of songwriting, StéLouse took a more minimal approach. With that being said, the intricacies and embellishments of the instrumental are manifested. The song begins with a ticking clock, which quickly transforms into the central recurring melody. It provides a sense of longing and anticipation, while Leng reminds us that whoever we are waiting for is "only moments away." But with each moment passing, a bit of hope is lost. And having "time to borrow" fantasizes the romance even further. As the song resolves, we are left in wonderment. The closure we find in "Let Go" is absent in "Been So Long."

Backed by these singles, and with his new brand, StéLouse plans to tour in 2017. As his musicianship is rooted in rock, more live shows will be incorporated, thus providing a platform for his innovation.

Check out "Let Go"


and "Been So Long"


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