• Kristopher Kesoglides

LUMiN Lights Up Bowery

In his attempt to resuscitate Bowery's heartbeat, LUMiN took the stage last Wednesday night to try and revive the once lively scene with his infectious sound. Currently based in Los Angeles, LUMiN is on the emerging forefront of indie-pop. An eclectic combination of electronic productions, grooving rhythms and impassioned songwriting spawns some tasteful originality.

Decked out in his signature vibrant style, LUMiN opened up with his modern day slow jam, “Heaven Sent.” On a tune that showcased his impressive falsetto, he belted, “You’re the devil that heaven sent.” The irony in the first line of this hook seemed to touch on a guilty pleasure of his, and though it sounded like a cry for help, the crowd couldn’t resist the urge to sway and snap along.

Displeased with the distance between himself and his audience, LUMiN dropped his mic and went to recruit the bystanders on the upper level of the Bowery Electric. Returning to the stage, he followed up with the delicately enchanting, “Vitamins.”

With the crowd now at his disposal, he requested a sing along to his newest single. “Bury You Deeper” proved to be the perfect anthemic score for the whole room to let loose. Led by a catchy hook, LUMiN jumped into the pit and finished the song alongside his fans.

Riding that wave of energy, LUMiN placed the guitar driven “Crossing Lines” next on his setlist. The soaring vocals were surprisingly complemented by a dembow section before it resolved - an element that foreshadowed his mid-tempo tune “iDWF.”

“I’m lost in the echo of you,” LUMiN sang of his stagnant emotional state; A soul, lingering in the ghost of a past relationship, hit home for most of the audience. The peaks and valleys nature of the song ended sharply, with one last advocacy for numbness, when LUMiN whispered, “I don’t wanna feel.”

“Love Me Harder” revealed LUMiN’s tendency to throw in some screamo when stricken with adrenaline, while “Too Late To Fall” called for a sit down and an impromptu sax solo from a random attendee.

“Smile” was the grand finale, as LUMiN showed off his versatile vocal range, over the top performance antics and knack for guitar. That’s of course, before he smashed it to pieces and madness ensued.

Video or it didn't happen:

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